Mad Scientists and Artists

by Kris "Koach" Germain

steampunk drawing for Mad Scientist and Artist.jpg

This is a quick shoutout to Tim Thackrey, the mad Scientist behind our programming.  And to the marriage of programmers and Coaches.  This is actually born from my short diatribe at the white-board today, and I thought it would be a beneficial post for those in the 310 universe.

It was a tough training day today.  The loads weren't heavy, in relation to our 1 Rep Max, but the effort was high.  Tempo front squats, Zercher Lunges and Broad Jumps fill 20 minutes of strength and skill where we were all hammering away, like Blacksmiths in the fire, on our own personal fitness machines.  After that, the WOD had us rotating through a Row, Toes to Bar and Man-Makers (That may need to be renamed "Personal Empowerment Producers" in the current social climate :) circuit. Yup, great training day. But be careful not to overlook it, or the craft and intention of the days and weeks that proceeded it.

In the last 3 weeks, we've seen tempo work, pause squats, empty bar timing repetitions, tons of OH stabilization work and raw strength reps.  If you look at it too quickly, you'll shrug it off and attribute it to variety for the sake of variety; Tim programs these things so we won't get bored you might say.  While that remains true, new angles and rhythms stave off boredom, take a closer look and you'll see the subtlety of his tinkering.  All the variety is pointing towards something in particular.  Today for example, teaches you to get comfortable in the bottom of a squat, and how to account for all the tension necessary throughout a full range of motion, and also drills a violent hip opening followed by the precision of footwork--and that's just your strength and skill.  All the cogs and sprockets, wind-up keys, and hand-cranks that fuel our steam engine of programming is impressive.  Honestly, it's complicated and beautiful.  And that's where your coaches come in.

The coach's job is to take the instrument Tim builds and apply it gracefully to everyone lined up in front of the board everyday.  The coach takes the powerful engine of our programming and doles out just enough throttle for you, where you're at.  The coach teaches you how to steer, when to gas, when to break, and when to let the engine cool.  This thing can go fast; CrossFit has tons of horsepower.  Let your coach guide you so you can drive it however fast you want, for however long you want.

But of course, all of this is sitting there for the taking.  You're welcome to grab handfuls and stuff all your pockets, or you can grab a teaspoon full and be on your way.  Everyone learns this differently, and we'll meet you where you are.

The real art of this whole thing is to have fun with it.  Driving this hog is fun--and not everyone gets to!  Enjoy the process.  Smile big and enjoy the PR's.  There should be copious amounts of high-fives and laughter. 

If we're not having fun, we're not doing it right!