Training one on one, or in a small group session (2 or more), may be the perfect fit for numerous athletes if:

  • Your physical needs may require a professionally targeted program that group classes cannot provide.

  • You’re an athlete looking to add more strength, increase cardiovascular capacity, or conquer some higher skill sets (that first pullup, or muscleup, overhead squat, etc.)

  • You’re simply looking for more personal attention.

We offer a free introduction to our personal training at CrossFit 310.  If you think personal training is the key to attacking your goals and addressing your personal barriers, contact us now.

Our hourly personal training rates are as follows:

  • $45 for one 30 min Private "Skill Session"

  • $80 for One 60 min Private Personal Training Sessions

Monthly Memberships : This is an ongoing monthly membership that can be combined with the individual’s personal needs (i.e. Group classes, RunFit 310, Health Coaching, etc.).

4 Private sessions $470

8 Private sessions $510

12 Private sessions $550

16 Private sessions $1280

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