Junior Varsity


Team 310's Junior Varsity is a revolutionary program designed for kids 10-12 years old.  This program is designed for boys and girls who are trying to excel on teams they already play for, or provide a team for kids that don't have one. 

There is no pre-requisite, and best of all: It's a blast!  

Our program is routinely praised by parents of kids who aren't interested in sports, or who aren't interested in conditioning or training for the sport their in.

Our method focuses on teaching kids 21 primary movement patterns that are comprehensive and indispensable towards the most advanced movements in the future. 

Mastering these patterns (Pushup, Pullup, Squat, Handstand, Box Jump, Rope-Climb, for example) will give any youth an advantage when being coached in a sport, or the confidence to play as hard as they want to on the playground.  Every sport requires strength and power through the hips, or upper body.  Every playground is more fun if you can run, jump, swing and climb with confidence. 


Wednesdays at 3:30pm

Tween's Pricing: 

1 session    - $20   (For the "I don't know if my Tween will like this" situation)

4 sessions   - $80   ($20 per session. "We like this, but commitment is hard!")

12 sessions - $180 ($15 per session. "We are in!")




Team 310's Varsity program (designed for kids 13-18 years old) is a natural byproduct of the Junior Varsity program, and an elegant segue from our youth program into our adult classes.   The program is built from the same DNA as our adult program. We focus on pristine movement and control over foundational movement patterns. Each teen is unique and has their own progression through the workouts. Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, engaging, challenging, and safe. Confidence in movement comes from CrossFit 310's patient commitment to teaching, as well as an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere.


Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm. 

This program happens concurrently with the 5:30 adult class, although the teens have their own dedicated coach. This can be a great opportunity for parents and kids to share the same workout space, but have their own unique experience as well.  

Teen's pricing:

The program begins with 2 days a week and is $150 a month.  

It is possible for teens to “graduate" to adult classes and attend more frequently. This is based on the teens maturity and knowledge of our movements and understanding of our system.

For more information speak to a CrossFit 310 coach or email us at info@crossfit310.com.