Monday, August 26, 2019


A. 4 Sets: Build

A1. Strict Press/complex

3x DB Strict Press + 5x DB Push Jerk: L/R side

*Do the 3 DB strict press AND the 5 DB Push Jerk with the right arm then switch to the left arm

F: 3x Strict Press + 5x Push Press

P/S: as rx

A2. Zercher Lunge

F: KB Front Rack Lunge x6 each leg

P/S: Zercher Reverse Lunge x6 each leg


B. " The Riddler TABATA"

Rotating TABATA at each station: 24 intervals [12 min total]

Score is total reps combined

1. Row for cal - all groups

2. Overhead Lunge

F: bwt

P: 45/25# bumper

S: 95/65# Barbell

3. Ring Dip

F; Hand Release Push Ups

S: Ring Dip [or assisted Box Dips] S: Ring Muscle Up