Thursday, July 18, 2019


A. 4 Sets:

A1. Split Squat:

F: Build to 8RM each leg box step up

P/S: Cross Body Split Squat x5

A2. Torso Row x5 reps each arm;

F: 8 reps 3 point DB Row; 30x0 each arm

P/S: Build to tough set of 5 reps


B. "Time Period"

10 min Running Clock:

Max Reps

4 min on: Row for Cal

3 min on: Farmer Carry: 1 pt every 10m [2kb or DB]

2 min on: 2DB Box Step Over: 24/20"

1 min on: 2DB Renegade Row

score is 1pt for every cal + 1 pt for every rep

score is total points/reps combined