The Lists Are Long, and They Are True

The lists are long pic (1).JPG
You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to find it within himself.
— Galileo

by Kris Germain

Everyone has two lists.  There is a list of things you want to do.  There is also a list of things that you want to stop doing.

These lists are long and they’re populated with everything we’ve been told we’re supposed to be doing, plus everything we personally hope for.  Some things we’re outspoken with, and some things we couldn’t bear to say out loud. The lists carry the weight of a thousand broken promises, and they’re constricted by the strong arms of a 24 hour clock.

Start working out.  Stop eating fast food.  Stop trolling Instagram for hours. Start making time to go to my kid’s soccer practice.

For years and years I attacked my own lists in the same futile way.  I mistakenly thought enumerating the list and putting it in front of me would drive me to conquer the list.  I was thoughtful and introspective. I was honest and maybe even hard on myself. My lists grew, and they were true, but nothing was changing.  Then generous and loving friends would sit with me to help me. My lists grew, and they were true, but nothing was changing.

Finally, I heard it.  A guy named Chris Cooper wrote an article entitled “How to paralyze your competition”.  The answer: Give them a list of things to work on all at once.

This answer was like a siren shrieking so loud I could feel it in my bones.  It was the truth. I knew it was the truth because my lists had metastasized, my mind had shut down, and I had experienced this cycle over and over for years.  Reading more books, listening to another podcast and watching more Youtube videos was not the answer. I needed to hear the next siren, the solution:

“The best way to move someone forward is to keep them focused on one thing.”

There it was.  Again, it was true and it was real.  I knew it like I know my own name. I needed someone to walk through the lists with me.  I needed someone to say, “Start here with this, and don’t look at anything else until it’s done.”  That was the moment I knew I needed a coach. It cost money, I paid it, and a funny thing happened…My lists grew, and they were true, but things started to change.  

At CrossFit 310 we don’t believe in simply selling you access to our gym or the equipment we have because it’s paralyzing and the track record of this points directly to failure, again and again.  

You can save a lot of money by grabbing a gym membership for under $50 a month, or you can jump into another groupon deal that helps you on your odyssey to burn more calories.  However, the odds overwhelmingly say that you will NOT move the needle on those lists without someone knowing you personally, knowing your struggles, knowing your lists and then pointing to ONE THING.

At CrossFit 310, you pay for a Coach, you pay for a mentor and you pay for a community of people who are trying to move the needle just like you.  This is how we do Personal Training, Nutrition, and Group Classes.

Start stretching more.  Stop eating cereal at night.  Stop raising my voice at home.  Start eating more vegetables.

Your lists are long, and they are true, but is anything changing?