Monday, June 10, 2019


A. One Set every 2:30 minutes for 15:00 minutes (6 Sets)

Back Squat; Build to 85-90% of 1RM

F: 4-5 reps; moderate load; 31x1 tempo

working up in weight [short pause in bottom]

P/S:5x50%, 5x60% 3x70, 2x 80, 1x 85%, 1x85-90% Concentrics should be FAST.


B. "Don't Blow Up"

3 sets [9 min total]

30 sec per station for max reps

Rest 90 sec after all 3 stations are complete

1. Row for Cal @high effort

2. 2KB Hang Squat Clean

3. Strict Pull Up

F: DB Goblet Squat + Jumping Pull Up

P: 35/26# or moderate [Strict or banded Strict Pull up]

S: 53/35# or heavier + Strict Chest to Bar