Friday, September 27, 2019


A. 5-6 sets:

A1. Deadlift x3: Build to tough set of 3

10x50%, 8-10x60% 5-7x70%, 3-5x80% 3 x@85% 2-3x 85-90%

F: 8 reps; 2010 tempo

P/S: as rx; build

A2. Strict HSPU - AMRAP -2 [just short of failure each set]

or use spotting/piked off box for adjustment to keep full ROM]

F: Seated 2DB Press x8; 2010 tempo; build

P: As rx or piked/assisted off box

S: As rx;


B. Crossfit Games Open WOD 11.1/14.1

10 min AMRAP

15x Power Snatch

30x Double Unders

F: Russian KBS x15 + Single Under x60

P/S: as rx; 75/53#