Thursday, August 8, 2019



A1. Close Grip Bench Press x8; build

F: 2DB Bench Press x10; 3111 tempo

A2. SL CrossBody DL x6-8 each leg; build 20x1 tempo

F: staggered stance suit case DL

P/S: SL CrossBody DL x6-8


B. "Up"

12 min AMRAP:

3-6-9-12-15, etc, climbing ladder

Climbing ladder of

-Sit Ups

-Push Up

-Box Jump/Step Down 24/20"

+50m Single Arm Farmers Carry L/R each side at end of the round

*Score is whatever round is finished + any extra reps

Ex: finish round of 15 and 3 box jumps = 15 + 39

50m Single arm Farmer Carry = 10 pts (5 for left and 5 for right)