Monday, August 5, 2019


A. 4 Sets Build

A1.Snatch Grip DL x6 reps

F: Clean Grip DL x12; 2020 tempo

P/S: Build to moderate set of 6; 2020 tempo

A2. See-saw DB Bent Row x5 reps each arm; build

F: x8 each arm, 16 reps total, alt arms

P/S; x5 each arm, 10 total, alt arms


B. "Pain Cave"

Lactic Power: 4 sets 12 min total

20 sec on x3 stations; rest 2 min [1:2 work rest]

1. Row or Bike for Cal

2. DB Power Snatch alt arms

3. Lateral Burpee Box Jump Over

rest 2 min

*Score is total reps combined

F: Slam Ball or Russian KBS P: 50/35#

S: 70/55#

scale load DOWN if they cannot go unbroken for 20 sec score is total cals + reps; push hard & earn the pain cave!