Thursday, August 15, 2019


A. 4 Sets:

A1. Close Grip Bench Press; x5

F: 2DB Bench Press x10; 3011; build

P/S: 5 reps; build

Rest 30 Sec

A2. Single Leg Crossbody Deadlift x5 each leg

F: staggered Stance Suit Case DL

P/S: SL CrossBody DL x5

Rest 90 Sec


B. Full Tabata at each station;

Low score in any 1 round

8 sets; 20 sec on/10 sec off - then 30 sec rest to rotate

1. Row for cals/AirBike

2. Double Unders;

F: Single Unders or double under attempts

P: Double Unders

S: Triple Unders

3. Sled Push or Farmers Carry; 1pt every 10m

Score is the lowest reps/distance at each station

Add up the 3 lowest scores for a total, then add the breakdown in the notes section