Wednesday, July 31, 2019


A. Every 90 sec for 7 Sets:

Hang Power snatch x3 building to a moderate set

F: DB hang power snatch x5 each arm or hang power snatch focusing on technique

P/S: Build to a moderate set


B. "Getting Warmer"

16 min AMRAP:

Run 400m (20 pts)

40x Double Unders (60 pts)

20x Alt Arm DB Power Snatch [total reps] (80 pts)

Run 200m (90 pts)

20x Double Unders (110 pts)

10x Alt Arm DB Power Snatch (120 pts)

Run 100m (125 pts)

10x Double unders (135 pts)

5x Alt Arm DB Power Snatch (140 pts)

If you finish - then go back up!

F: Slam Ball or DB hang power snatch +2-1 Single Under

P: Moderate load, as rx

S: Heavy power snatch; 70/50+ and unbroken double unders