Tuesday, July 30, 2019


A. 5 Sets:

A1. Pause Front Squat

F: DB Goblet Squat x5 reps w/3 sec pause in bottom each rep

P/S: Build to tough set of 3 reps w/3 sec pause in bottom

Rest 30 sec

A2. Push Press x5 reps L/R side

All groups; use KB/DB

Rest 90 sec


B. "All Out"

5 min for max reps

60 sec Sit Ups

60 sec Hang Squat Clean

45 sec Sit Ups

45 sec Push Jerk/Shoulder to Overhead

30 sec Sit Ups

30 sec Hang Squat Clean

15 sec Sit Ups

15 sec Push Jerk/StO

F: 2DB Front Squat + 2DB Push Press

P: 115/75#

S: 165/110#