Friday, July 26, 2019


A. 5 Sets:

Box Squat x5 reps; rest 2 min

F: KB Front Rack Box Squat x6-8; 31x1

P/S: build to a moderate set of 5 reps



Pause on box to break up Ecc/Conc contractions Stand Up Quickly


B. "2x4"

2 Min AMRAP, rest 1 min x4 sets

9x Thruster 95/63#

6x Kipping Pull Up

3x Dip [ring or box]

start back at the top each 2 min AMRAP

F; 10x Wall Ball + 5x Jumping Pull Ups + 5x Push Ups

P: as rx; sub to box/assisted dips as needed

S: 12x Thruster 95/65# + 3/2x Ring Muscle Up

Score each AMRAP Separately