Thursday, July 25, 2019


A. 4 Sets:

A1. DB Chainsaw Row x8; 31x1

All Groups; Build to tough set L/R Arm

A2. Dragon Flag: 3x3; Slow Eccentric

F: 5 reps x4 sec per rep [knees can be bent/tucked] P: 4 reps 5-6 seconds/ S: 3 reps x8 seconds per rep


B. Full Tabata at each station, Max reps at each station, Full TABATA then rotate

1. Row for Cal

2. Sit Up

3. Ring Row

4. Bumperplate OH Walking Lunge

F: Front Rack WL or just bwt + ?

P/S: Feet Elevated Ring Row + 45/25# OH Bumper Plate