Monday, July 22, 2019


A. 4 Sets Build

A1. Supinated Strict Pull Up x5

F: 5x Eccentric Sup. Pull Up

[or Ring Row x10]

P: 5x Strict or weighted

S: 5x Strict CtB Weighted [supinated]

A2. 2DB or BB Floor Press x8;

All Groups; build to moderate set of 8


B. Aerobic Power Intervals:

4 sets:45 sec on/15 sec to rotate; [12 min total]

1. Row for Cal/Airbike for cal

2. Single Arm KB Hang Power Clean alt arms

3. Push Up

F: Russian KBS + Push Up

P: as rx; moderate load

S: 2KB Russian Hang Power Clean + Ring Push Up

*Score = max total reps