Tuesday, July 2, 2019


A. 4 Sets:

A1. Box Squat x5; build

F: KB Goblet Box Squat x10; Build

P/S: 5 reps; build to moderate

Rest 1 min

A2. Single Arm Floor Glute Bridge Press x6 each arm

F: SA DB Floor Press x6-8 each arm

P/S: as rx; build

Rest 1-2min

B. 3 Sets:

B1. Glute Bridge BB Hip Thrust

Banded or Barbell; x10, build

B2. Dip Support: Hold 20-30 sec cumulative

F: Box Dip or Push Up Support

P: Ring [can be assisted]

S: At top of Muscle Up


C. 3-4 sets:

Sled or Row: 20 sec hard

rest 1:40


Max cals in 20sec in any set

High effort AnAerobic