Monday, July 1, 2019


Snatch Grip RDL instruction +

Seated Box Jump Review [not for height, for fast contact off ground]

A. 4 Sets:

A1. Snatch Grip RDL

F: BB or 2DB RDL x8 reps

P/S: Snatch Grip RDL x8 reps

Rest 30 sec

A2. Seated Box Jump/Step Down x5

F: Low Height for technique [can be just BJ/SD]

P/S: Moderate height - for hip explosion


B. "Less is More"

30-20-10, reps for time:

400m Run to start each round

Russian KBS

KB Walking Lunge Steps [total]

F: Light/Moderate KBS + BWT Walking Lunge

[can sub down to 200m Run]

P: 53/35#

S: 70/53#