Friday, June 21, 2019


A. 8 min Alt EMOM 4 sets each:

A1. Handstand Push Up Strict

F: 8 reps; 20x0 2DB Seated Press; build

P: 5 reps [can be broken up]

S: 5 reps defecit HSPU

for every rep they cannot do, perform 1 negative

A2. Feet Elevated Ring Row: AMRAP -2 just short of failure; 1010 tempo

F: Ring Row

P: Feet elevated Ring Row

S: Feet Elevated Ring Row w/weight vest


B. "The Chief"

5 sets: 3 min AMRAP - Rest 1 min

3x Power cleans

6x Push-ups

9x Squats

Score is total FULL rounds completed, restarting each set

F: 3x Slam Ball + 6x Push Up + 9x Squat

P: as rx

S: 185/125# + 6x HSPU + 9x Alt Leg Pistol