Wednesday, June 19, 2019


A. 12 min Alt EMOM:

A1. Power Clean 1.1; Build; rest 10 sec between singles

F: Clean Grip Deadlift x5 + hang Power Clean x5 for technique

P/S: Build to tough set of 2 [1.1]

A2. Weighted Dip; Build to 1Rm

F: 2DB Floor Press to 5RM

P/S: Build to 1RM weighted Dip


B. "Dragon Breath"

5 Rounds For Time: High Effort [8 min & under is goal]

5x Power Snatch

10x Burpee

F: 10x Slam Ball + 10x Burpee

P: 95#-115# / 75#-105#

S: 155/105#