Monday, June 17, 2019


A. Back Squat; Build to 90% of 1RM

One Set every 2:30 minutes for 15:00 minutes (6 Sets)

F: 4-5 reps; moderate load; 30x1 tempo; working up in weight

P/S: Build to quick/tough single but not a max

Suggested Loadings:

5x50%, 5x60% 3x70, 2x 80, 1x 85%, 1x90+%


B. "Jackie"

For Time:

1k Row

50x Thruster 45/33#

30x Pull Ups

F: Row 1k + 50x AirSquat + 30x Jumping Pull Ups [can also do 50x Light 2DB Thrusters]

P/S: As RX