Thursday, June 13, 2019


A. 3 Sets:

A1. Lateral KB Lunge x 6-8 each side

A2. 1KB/DB OH Carry x75’ each arm All Groups - tough weight


B. "The Boy and the Bear"

20 min AMRAP

100’ Bear Crawl

35x Double Unders

20x KB Hang Clean: 10x each arm [same # as carry]

100’ Single Arm Farmers Carry [switch arms as needed]

35x Double Unders

20x Bumper Plate Sit Ups

F: Walking Lunge bwt +100x SIngle Unders + Sit ups

P: As RX: 25/10# plate; 53/35# - adjust up or down

S: As RX: 45/25# plate 70/53# or heavier

Scoring: 10 pts for 100' Bear Crawl and 100' Farmer Carry