Thursday, May 9, 2019


A. 3-4 Sets:

A1. Ring Row Isometric Hold:

F: 2 arm Iso Hold x20-30 sec

P/S: Single arm x20-30 sec each

Rest 30 Sec

A2. Handstand work;

F; Wall Walk x4

P: Wall Facing HS Hold or Freestanding x20 sec [cumulative]

S: Freestanding Hold x20 sec cumulative

Rest 60-90 sec


B. "I Like This Station"

3 min per station, rest 1 min to rotate:

start at worst station & rotate through 4 stations in order

1. Row for Cal: all groups

2. Farmer Carry Heavy; 1 pt every 50’: [All groups can use a shuttle] - can be any odd object

3. DB Man maker light: All Groups adjust based on load [can just be burpeesfor those where this is too high a skill]

4. Sled Push/Airdyne/Ski Erg/or Handstand Walk

have fun on this one - sled push or airdyne is idea - but coach’s choice