Wednesday, May 8, 2019


A. 3 Sets:

Build up first,

then 3 Sets across; at last weeks tough set of 5 This week 3020 tempo

Build up first - just on Sumo DL, then go A1/A2

A1. Sumo DL x3 reps @ 3020 tempo, rest 30 sec btw sets

F: Holding DB/KB as needed for technique;

or clean grip DL x8; 2020 tempo

P/S: load appropriately to stick with tempo

A2. Hollow Rock;

F: Tucked Hollow Rock x15-20 rocks

P: Hollow Rock for form x15-20 rocks

S: Weighted Hollow Rock x15-20


B. "GrAnnie"

3 Rounds for time:

10 Clean & Jerk

50 Double Unders

F: 20x Russian KBS/Slam Ball + 150x Single Under P: 115-135/75-90# PC + PJ

S: 185/115# PC + PJ +100x Double Unders