Monday, May 6, 2019


A. 5 Sets:

Press Complex

1x strict press +3x push press +5 push jerk

pause 1 second in front rack position to reset after each rep

Build to a tough set- limiter will be press

rest 90-120 sec after each

F: 3x Strict Press + 5x Push Press P/S: as rx; build


B. "Mad Max"

4 rounds; 1 min per station;

For max reps combined; No rest after all 3 stations

1. DB Hang Power Snatch Alt Arms

2. V-Up or Sit Up

3. Row for Cal

Score is total reps + Cals

F: Russian KBS + Sit Up + Row for Cal

P: DB Hang Power Snatch, alt arms + V-Up

S: KB Hang Power Snatch, alt arms +V-Up