Wednesday, May 29, 2019


A. 4-5 Sets:

A1. 1x DB/KB Strict Press + 2x Push Press + 3x Push Jerk each arm, build

F: 1DB: 3x strict Press +3 Push Press

P/S: build to tough set

A2. Pistol Practice

F: KB Box Step up x5 each leg

P: Pistol x5 each leg

S: Weighted Pistol x5 each leg


B. "On Repeat"

7 min AMRAP; rest 2 min, repeat;

score each AMRAP individually; goal is similar scores;

Run 100m

10 total 1DB/KB Shoulder to overhead [total reps; alt arms as needed]

10 Walking Lunge [total steps]

Loading is a weight they can do with stopping only in transition, Alt Arms as needed

F: Run + Walking Lunge + 10x light DB Push Press

P: 50/35# 1DB + 1DB Front Rack Lunge

S: 70/50# 1DB + Single Arm OH Walking Lunge