Tuesday, May 28, 2019


A. Clean Grip Deadlift

3x5 across at last weeks tough set of 5 reps; rest 2 min after each set

build up quickly, then 3x5 across

F; Clean Grip Deadlift: work up in seats of 8 reps

P/S: 3x5 across

Adjust load down as needed


B. "Fallout"

3 sets One set every 4 min for 12 min

Row 200/175m

12 Hang Power Clean

30 Double Unders

rest remaining time can run in waves

High effort - should have some fall off score is lowest score

F: Row 150m hard +12x Russian KBS + 90x Single Under

P: 95-115/65-75#

S: 135-165/95-110# +50x Double Unders

goal is unbroken HPC + UB dubs