Tuesday, May 21, 2019


A. 5x5 Clean Grip Deadlift

Rest 2 min after each set

Working on form & back position + pull off the ground

F: Clean Grip DL: 8-10 reps; 2020 tempo, build to moderate

P/S: build; 5 reps; no tempo


B. "Time Zone"

3 sets: One set every 5 min for 15 min

Row 18/15 Cal @high effort

10x Toe to bar

10x Hang Power Clean @unbroken load

score each set individually stagger starts as needed

F: Row 12/10 Cal + 10 ab mat sit ups + 10x Slam Ball/Russian KBS

P: As rx; 95/65# or similar - unbroken

S: 135/95# or similar - unbroken