Friday, May 3, 2019


A. 4 Sets Build

A1. Pause Front Squat x4-5 reps, rest 10-20 sec

F: Goblet Squat KB/DB: 32x1 tempo x6-8 reps

P/S: Front Squat; 32x1 w/barbell; build; x4-5 reps

A2. 2kb front rack lunge x6 each leg, rest 10-20 sec, then A3

F: Single KB Lunge x6 each leg, P/S: as rx; rest

A3. Chin Over Bar Hold x15 sec; rest 60-90 sec

F: Supinated Grip; cumulative time, P: Pronated Chin over Bar, S: Pronated CtB


B. "On to the Next"

4 sets; AMRAP each station;

[12 min total]; score is total reps

30 sec on/30 sec off

1. Dips:

F: Box Dip or Assisted

P: Ring Dips

S: Ring Muscle Up

2. Hang Squat Cleans

F: 2DB Front Squat or Med Ball Clean

P: 115-135/75-95# [goal is to get them to Grace/QGB weight of 135/95]

S: 185/125#

3. Airbike Sprint: 1 pt for every cal: All Groups