Monday, May 20, 2019


A. One set every 2 min for 10 min (5 Sets)

Hang Squat Clean x3 reps

F: 8x 2 DB/KB Front Squat; build

P: 3 reps: Hang Power + Front Squat or Hang Squat Clean

S: 3 reps; build; to moderate set - must be hang squat clean


B. 190520 Murph Prep

16 Min AMRAP

200m Run hard

40x Pull Ups

200m Run

70x Push Ups

200m Run

100 Squats

200m Run

get as far through as you can, or keep going around!

F: 200m Run + 25x Jumping Pull Up/Ring Row + 50x Push Ups + 75x Squats [this will create more turnover for them]

P: as rx

S: 20x Muscle Ups + 40x Strict HSPu + 100 Squats