Wednesday, May 1, 2019


A. 4 sets:

A1. Sumo DL 5 reps @ 3030 tempo, rest 30 sec

F: 8-10 reps; Holding DB/KB as needed for technique [60 sec per set]

P/S:load appropriately to stick with tempo; 30 sec per set

A2. Dragonflag/Core Skill: rest 60 sec

F; knees tucked, slowly lower x5 reps

P: 5 sec eccentric x3-4 reps

S: 8-10 sec eccentric x2-3 reps


"Power Trip"

8 Min AMRAP:

5 Power Clean

30 Double Unders

F: 10x Russian KBS/Slam Ball + 50x Single Under

P: 115-135/75-90# power clean

S: 165/110# power clean