Monday, April 29, 2019


Overhead Pressing Instruction

Once shoulders get fatigued on Press/PPr, learning to use the push under/drop for PJ

A. 10 min Alt EMOM [5x each station]

Even Min: Press Complex:

3x Strict Press + 4x Push Press + 5x Push Jerk Complex: unbroken

F. 6x DB Strict Press + 6x DB Push Press unbroken;

P/S: Build to tough, but unbroken set of 3+4+5 [strict + Pp + PJ]

Odd Min: Top of Ring Row Hold 20 sec

All Groups - for quality


Unilateral Core Stability Focus

1KB for the entire complex;

Goal is to go unbroken through the complex, or with minimal breaks

B. “Grip”

12 min AMRAP

12 KB Russian KBS

12 Single Arm KB/DB Hang Power Clean [switch arm as needed]

12 Single Arm KB/DB Shoulder to Overhead [switch arm as needed]

50' SA Farmers Walk each arm

-rest 30 sec after each set

F. 10x Russian KBS/DB + 10x Slam Ball + 10x DB/KB Push Press +

P: ax rx: moderate load

S: Tough weight - goal to go unbroken through each set