Wednesday, April 24, 2019


A. Front Squat Building in 12-15min

F: DB Front Squat; Build to a tough set of 20 reps

goal is to get 1/2 bodyweight for 20 reps

P/S: Build to tough set of 5 reps w/BB; no tempo

Upper Body Pulling: Density

Max + how well you can recover from max

B. Strict Pull Up;

3 min AMRAP;

max reps unbroken +max remaining

F: Ring Row; Max reps 1010 tempo

P; Strict Pull Up

S: Strict CtB Pull Up

Score: UB reps in the rounds section and total reps in the reps section

Ex: 12 UB reps and 36 Total reps = 12 + 36


C. High Effort:

Airbike: 1 min for max cals

or 500m Row

All Groups