Tuesday, April 16, 2019


A. 4 Sets

A1. DB Complex: Build in load

5 SA DB/KB Strict Press R + 5x SA DB Push Press R

5 SA DB Strict Press L + 5 SA DB Push Press L

rest 30 sec

All Groups:

A2. Seated Box Jump + Step Down x5

F: Broad Jump or Low Box Jump/Step Down x5

P/S: Seated BJ + Step Down x5


B. "Speed and Power"

10 min AMRAP Climbing ladder

Run 100m

1x Power Clean

1x Burpee

then 100m + 2+2, etc, etc

F: SlamBall, 2DB Power Clean, or light HPC


S: 185/125#

Scoring: each completed round will be counted as a full round

100m Run = 10 Pts

EX: complete 100m Run 10 power cleans + 2 Burpees = 9 + 22 (9 Full rounds and 2 Burpees)