Thursday, April 11, 2019


A. "Constant Variance 2.0"

Mixed Modal Tester;

In 30 min; go as far as you can in the following;

a. Run 100m [or Airbike 10/8 Cal]

b. KB Swings x15 [53/35#]

c. Box Jump +Step Down x15 [24/20"]

d. Row 150m

e. Sit Ups x15

f. 30x Double Unders

rest 60 sec;

start at any station

F: Light Russian KBS + Box Step Up or Jump, 60x Single Under

P: As rx;

S: As rx;

go: abcdef, bcdefa, cdefa, etc, etc

Goal is to get as many rounds as possible here

Stagger starting stations