Tuesday, March 5, 2019


Skill Day;

Muscle Up Progression/Kipping Pull Up work:

Ax3 sets for quality; rotate through &

work on weaknesses or sharpen skills

A1. False Grip Pull Up on Rings x4-6 reps

F: Ring Row 6-8 reps

P; Kipping Ring Pull up

S: False Grip Ring Strict Pull Up

A2. Hollow Rock x10-15 reps;

All Groups

A3. Ring Dips/MU

F: Push Ups x8-10 reps

P: Ring Dips 6-8 or Muscle Up attempts x3

S: 3-5x Ring Muscle Up


"And Then I Ripped My Pants"

16 min AMRAP:

-be careful of ripped hands!

4 sets for individual times:

high effort each set:

50x Double Unders

20x Wall Ball

10x CtB Pull Ups

rest 1 min active after each set

F; 100x Single unders +

15x Wall Ball + 10x Jumping Pull Ups

P: as rx;

sub down to chin over bar pull ups

S: 50x Double Unders +

25x Wall Ball +

10x CtB Pull Ups + 5x Bar Muscle Ups

[goal is to get each movement unbroken

but doesn't have to be]

rest 2 min active after each round