Saturday, March 23, 2019


A. 3 Sets rotate through, rest as needed

A1. Lateral Lunge x8-10 each leg

F: just bwt

P/S: holding KB/DB in center of chest

A2. 2KB Overhead Carry x100'

all groups; adjust load as needed


"Shake and Bake"

20 min AMRAP:

teams of 3; waterfall style;

P1 does first movement, then P2, then P3, then go to next movement

1. Ring Dips x8 [F: Push Up x8, P: Assisted or Rx]

2. AB x8/7 Cal [all groups]

3. Hang Power Clean x8 [F: Slam Ball or RKBS, P; 95/65#, S: 135/95#]

4. Row x8/7 Cal [all groups]

5. Odd Object Carry: 100' [your choice - have fun!]