Wednesday, March 13, 2019


A. 3 Sets:

A1. Rope Climb or Strict Pull Ups

F: Rope Pulls x5-6 reps

P: Rope Climb x1-2 reps

S: Rope Climb Legless x1-2 reps

Sub to Strict Pull Up Work:

F: Ring Row x10 reps

P: Strict Pull Ups x6-10 reps

[bwt or assisted]

S: Strict CtB Pull Up x6-10 reps

A2. Hollow Rock x10-12

F/P; as rx;

S: w/load for quality

A3. Heavy Carry or Sled Push;

your choice;

20-30 sec @tough but consistent load;

have some fun here.

farmers Carry/yoke carry/sled push/etc


"On Time"

In 10 min, complete as many reps as possible;

score is calories + reps

Run in waves as needed [once people finish row, next group can start]

4 min Cal Row/Airbike +

3 min 20' Shuttle Run [1pt every 20']

2 min Pull Ups

1 min Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20"

F: Row/Bike + Shuttle Run + Ring Row + Burpee

P: Row + Run + Kipping Pull Up + BBJo

S: Row + Run + CtB Pull Ups + BBJo