Tuesday, March 12, 2019


A. One set every 2 min for 10 min (5 Sets):

Power Clean tech

1x Clean Extension + 1x Hang Power Clean + 1x Power Clean

moderate/tough set quickly to work off of for part B.

F: 3-5x DL + 3-5x hang Power Clean @light load

for technique

P/S: as rx; build to tough set of this complex


"Over the Top"

10 min AMRAP:

Climbing Ladder: 1,1, 1; then 2, 2, 2, etc, etc

DB Alt Arm Power Snatch [1x each arm, then 2 each arm, then 3 each arm...]

Overhead Bumper Plate Sit Up

F: Russian KBS + Sit Up + Light Single Arm Push Press [DB/KB]

P/Heavy but unbroken DB Power Snatch + 25/10# Sit Up