Monday, February 4, 2019


4 Sets:

A1. Press Complex

Build to tough set of:

1x Strict Press + 3x Push Press + 5x Push Jerk

F: 3x Strict Press + 5x Push Press

P: As rx

S: As rx

Rest 30 sec

A2. 2DB Reverse Lunge

All Groups: x6-8 each leg

Rest 60 sec


"Hang On Tight"

10 min AMRAP

Climbing ladder:

2x Hang Squat Clean, x 2HSPU,

4,4 - 6, 6, etc

F: 10x KB Front Squat + 10x Push Up

P: 135/95#, Kipping HSPU

S: 185/125/Strict HSPU

Sample Score:

Rounds = Round of reps completed

Reps = Remaining reps completed

Ex: Finish Round of 10 plus 3 HSPU = 10 + 13