Thursday, February 7, 2019


3 sets: All Groups

A1. Bent Over KB See-Saw Row x10/arm

Rest 30 Sec

A2. Tall Kneeling Alt. KB Press x8-10/arm

Rest 30 Sec

A3. Hollow Rock x10-12 reps for quality

Rest 60 Sec


"You Guessed It... More TABATA"

Full Tabata at each station;

Low score in any 1 round - 8 sets; 20 sec on/10 sec off

then 30 sec rest to rotate

1. Row for cals

2. Wall Walk/Handstand Walk for distance

F: Wall Walk or Plank Hold

P: Wall Facing HS Hold or HS Walk

S: HS Walk

3. AirBike for cals [or 10m shuttle run]

4. Double Unders

F: Single Unders

P/S: Double Unders

score is the lowest reps/distance at each station

Score = Add up all lowest scores then put breakdown in the notes section