Wednesday, February 13, 2019



EMOM for as long as you can go

Thruster 75/53


Pull Up

F: 5/5/5

P: 6/6/6

S: 7/77 + CtB

if they cannot get to 10 rounds in a row [which is pretty hard]

rest a minute, then continue to pick back up - where they left off or

reduce reps to 5/5/5, or 4/4/4, so they can get to 10 rds.

Score is total rounds they did without stopping [say 5 rds], and then

total rounds it took them to complete 10 rds.

5/12 for example. Goal is to complete 10 minutes total


Heavy - OHS x5 reps: In 10-15 min

Retest compared to beginning of the year load!

F: Build to 8RM

P/S: Build to tough set of 5