Thursday, January 24, 2019


3 Sets:

A1. Prone Row build to tough set of x8; 30x1

all groups - DB/BB

A2. Core: Dragonfly x5 reps; slow eccentric

all groups - for quality


"Alphabet Soup 4.0"

15 min AMRAP rest 30 sec after each round;

a. Row 200m

b. 50' 2DB Bear Crawl

c. 2DB Farmers Walk 100'

d. 5x 2DB Floor Row [no push up]

e. 10x Box Jump Over 24/20"

rest 30 sec active;

all groups

stagger starting stations

use same set of DB/KB for entire Workout

Aerobic breathing pace.

rotate through to next station;

abcdef, bcdefa, etc, etc

Score it total rounds complete -

Use same set of DB's for Crawl/Farmers/Row