Friday, January 18, 2019


A. 4 Sets: Build

A1. Snatch Grip DL x6-8: Build to moderate set;

F: Build to 8 reps; 2020 tempo Clean Grip Deadlift

P: as rx; build

S: as rx; build

Rest 30-60 Sec

A2. Strict HSPU [defecit]

F: Seated DB Press x8

P: Strict HSPu x5-7 reps [assisted as needed]

S: Strict Deficit HSPU x4-5, increasing depth

Rest 1-2 Min


"Divide By"

10 min AMRAP

20x Russian KBS

10x Strict Press

5x CtB Kipping Pull Up

F: RKBS light + 2DB Press + Jumping Pull Up/Kipping Pull Up

P: 53/35# RKBS + 75/53# Strict Press [or lower] + 5x CtB Pull Up

S: 70/53# RKBS + 95/65# Strict Press + 5x Bar MU