Wednesday, January 16, 2019


A. 5 Sets:

A1. Pause Front Squat x5 w/2 sec pause in bottom,

F: with DB or BB - 6-8 reps

P/S: 5 reps w/2 sec pause in bottom

rest 10 sec

A2. Box Jump + Step Down x5 reps for explosive

F: can be vertical jump w/reload or box jump

P/S: Jump High/Broad

rest 90 sec


"Can you Keep Up?"

5 sets; 30 sec on/30 sec off

1. Double Unders x30 sec for reps/low score

F: Single Unders

P/S: as rx

2. Row for Cal

all groups - for cal - low score

3. Squat Clean x4: [drop from the top is ok]

F: Slam Ball for max reps

P/S: work up in weight

Build up each set/round in weight

score is heaviest set of Squat Cleans you work up to

lowest number of cals rowed +

and the lowest number of double unders in 30 sec

so 3 scores