Friday, September 7, 2018


One Set Every 2 min for 10 min; Build
A1. Snatch Grip HALTING DL; Build to tough single rep; keep pull of the ground the same + finish in power position w/chest over bar not fully extended
pause in 'power' position for 2 sec w/control [this should not be a sloppy lift!]

F: Snatch Grip DL x5 reps; 2020 tempo for quality
P/S: Build to tough single SGHDL


CP Endurance/Unilateral
12 min alt EMOM - stagger starting station

B1. Heavy Suitcase DL; build
F: KB Suitcase DL x5 each side; 2020 tempo
P: Heavy KB or BB x5 each side; 2020 tempo
S: BB Suitcase DL x5 each side; 2020 tempo

B2. Rope Climb x2 reps
or Weighted Pull Up

F: Rope Pulls from ground x3-5 reps
or Ring Row x8-10, 20x1 tempo

P: Rope Climb w/Legs x1-2
S: Legless Rope Climbs ADAP x2

**No Ropes? Sub to weighted pull up x5 or
jumping slow negatives x5 if no ropes

B3. Single Arm DB/KB Push Press x5 each arm
tough weight, all L, then all R [or non-dom --> Dom]
F: 8 reps each arm
P/S: 5 reps each arm; build

should be heavy/should feel taxed after this!