Saturday, September 29, 2018


Front Squat; Build to 1RM; 
One set every 2 min for 12-14 min [6-7 sets]

F: 5 reps @30x1 tempo
P/S: as rx; build up! 


12 min AMRAP/10 min AMRAP
Each movement Unbroken

4x Strict HSPu
5x Hang Squat Clean 115/75#
6x CtB Pull Up
7x DB Power Snatch 50/35#

F: Rotate through, can be broken as needed
8x 2DB Push Press + 
8x 2DB Front Squat + 
8x Jumping Pull Up + 
8x Russian KBS

P: Each movement unbroken, if not, 
then scale down: 
4x Kipping HSPU unbroken [piked off a box]
5x Hang Squat Clean 115/75# unbroken [lower load]
6x Chest to Bar Pull Up [lower to chin over bar]
7x DB Power Snatch 50/35#

S: Each movement unbroken
6x Unbroken Strict HSPu + 
8x Hang Clean 135/105 Unbroken
10x CtB Pull Up Unbroken
12x DB Power Snatch 70/50#