Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Ax3. Handstand Walk; Max effort; 
Best of 3 attempts for distance, 
rest as needed

B. EMOM x10 Power Clean; 
build to a tough single rep
one rep every minute for 10 min


5 min AMRAP: Strict HSPU/Push; 
[can scale down to 3 min AMRAP]
max reps + unbroken reps
F: Seated DB Press
P: Strict HSPU
S: Defecit: Hands on 45/25# plates

Lactic Power Testers - HIGH Effort
2 min AMRAP; 
9x PCL 95/65#
9x BBJO 24/20"
9x StO 95/65#
9x BBJO 24/20"

Rest 6 min; repeat; 
start at beginning

F; 6x Slam Ball or 2DB Hang Power Clean 
6x Burpee, 
6x 2DB StO

P: as rx; 
S: 135/95# Sport/ 30/24"


Side Plank L/R
F: side plank
P: Star Plank
S: Star Plank holding load/DB