Tuesday, September 25, 2018


5 min AMRAP [can scale down to 3 min AMRAP]
F: Unbroken Ring Row; 1010 tempo
P: Unbroken CtB + remaining reps
S: Unbroken MU + remaining reps

+ total reps in remaining time

Optional: Weighted Pull Up
Chin Over Bar Hold + 
or strict pull ups


Aerobic Power; for time; 
Goal time 12min

800m Run + 
25x V-Up
50m Farmers carry [25m out L/25m Back R]
400m Run
20x V-Up
50m Farmers Carry [25/25]
200m Run
15x V-Up
50m Farmers Carry [25/25]

F: Light Load Carry + Sit Ups
P: 53/35# [sub to suit case sit up as needed]
S: 70/53 or heavier