Saturday, September 22, 2018


Power Snatch; One set every 2 min for 12 min;

Build [6x2]

1x Power Snatch + 1x Hang Power Snatch;

build to tough set;

Hang power snatch coming 2nd means

they'll have to drop under FASTER - will help

for next week

F: 5x DB Hang Power Snatch each arm for technique/Hip extension

or 5x Hang Power Snatch w/light barbell

P/S: Build; over 6 sets to tough set


"Snatch 'N Row"

Teams of 3

10 min AMRAP;

3x Power Snatch + Row 100m Hard

F: 5x Slam Ball or 3x DB Power Snatch each arm

Sub to 8x Russian KBS for form

P: 70-75% of today's heaviest set

S: 80% of today's heaviest set

P1 then P2, then P3;

Score is total rounds completed;