Monday, September 17, 2018


Practice: 10 minutes/wake up CNS

Clean and Jerk; back off singles for 80-85%;

50, 60, 70,75, then 80% of remaining reps;

F: 2x Fsq + 2x Ppr + 2x Thruster light - for tech/

prep for B.

P: Build up, then 80% across [more tech focus]

S: build up, then 85% across [can handle more load]

no higher than a load they can do well.

mainly to wake up cns + have movement

patterns down


"Jackie" - for time

1k Row +

50x Thruster +

30x Pull Ups

F: Row 1k + 50x Light DB Thruster or Air Squat +

30x Jumping Pull Up

P: as rx

S: Row + 50x Alt Pistols +15x Bar MU

previous test was on 6/11/18

If you want to do Jackie first, then CJ tech, you can do that!